Computer Graphics was always my passion, since the early 2010s. With competitive prices and vast background in almost every area of 3D, I can confidently say, that no Project is too big or too small for me.


Originally, I started with Graphic Design in the late 2000s, learning the basics of Print, Web, and Marketing, as a Trainee at 3 different well established agencies. With confidence, I can say that the creation of Logos, Illustrations, Flyers, Posters and much more is in my bag of tricks.


Affordable Expert

The goal is to deliver affordable Projects for prospering clients. The aspiration is reliability and customer satisfaction!

Communicative & International!

My services are available fluently in 3 Languages;
German, English and Romanian

Always learning , always evolving!

There is no completion on this journey. 3D Software solutions and Engines are constantly evolving and so am I.

Personally here for you!

Even before we agree upon a project, I can assure you, that you have my attention and dedication at all times!

Pricing Estimates

Request: Social Media Post / Render for Collage
Product Modelling + Texturing, Rendering + Post Processing.
Time: 10 Hours
Accepted Offer: 1x Video-file in .mp4 (Full HD) Format + 1 Rendered Image in .png format.

Price: 300,- € Euro

Request: Fast Logo Delivered within 3 Days.
Accepted Offer: 1X Logo Concept, 4x Color Variations, Original .ai file, +1x Wallpaper + 1x Revision (1 Hour) +50% off

Price: 150,- € Euro.

Detailed Services:

 – 3D Modelling (creating the meshes (objects), either with a high or low polygon count)
 – 3D Texturing ( applying textures such as procedural, high-definition licensed or custom created materials)
 – 3D Animation (applying texture weights, adding bones to the mesh, applying key-frames and/or kinetic animations)
 – 3D Visualization (rendering objects into viewable files, such as images and/or video)

Graphic Design:
– Image Manipulation (cutting, adding, layering and altering images via image manipulation programs, such as Photoshop)
– Illustration (creating vector-based illustrations, such as logos, images, templates and more)

Video Editing:
– Cutting & Editing (cutting and editing together photo or video-clips via video-manipulation software)
– VFX (applying visual effects, such as color corrections, filters, transitions and more)
– SFX (adding sound effects and/or music to the background of the video)
– Render (rendering the edit into a viewable Video-File)

 – Consultation (providing ideas and new angles regarding design)
 – Assistance (providing assistance for teams or individuals, on a short-term basis)
 – Web Design (Creating pages, such as this current page, via WordPress)